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"I am the President and CEO of Proclaim Inc., a New Hampshire company. Proclaim offers  medical billing services, software, books and forms. Tax and Accounting Advisors (TAA)  has been providing CPA services to us since 2005 and we continue to recommend TAA’s services to other businesses. In the past, I have used TAA’s services for merger and acquisition analysis and related due diligence. I have found TAA’s services very professional and timely. I recommend TAA highly. "

-Vijay Tummalapally, CEO, Proclaim, Inc.,

"As a small business owner I wear many hats, including the "accountant" hat. Since my primary business is my bread and butter, sometimes my accounting falls behind. PK showed me how to organize my accounting and tax information so that I could simply send it to him once a month. I no longer have to worry about my taxes not being filed on time or my books falling behind. He worries about all that while I focus on building my core business. PK and his team of experts helped me take back control of my business."
-Kim Strawn, CEO of ThinkNetSolutions, Inc.
"I appreciate the continual followup and advice on ways to minimize taxes."
-Paula Billups, President of Educare Technologies, LLC

"While I stay focused on building my business, Tax & Accounting Advisors keeps my accounting in order, a critical support. I am very pleased with the attention to my business from P.K. and his team of experts. And, I appreciate the customized service my business receives. There is great comfort in knowing my accounting and tax responsibilities are well managed. I especially benefit from the time and effort taken to educate me on best practices as it pertains to this important aspect of my business."
-Cari Pirello, President of Pirello Consulting, Inc.

"I have been a client of Tax & Accounting Advisors (TAA) since 2005. During this period, I have received timely service and great advice from TAA. I have never had to pay any tax penalties or late fees. I highly recommend TAA to other small businesses."
-Stephan Despointes, President of Quality European Products Americanized, LLC