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                                                                                                                         Tax Tips

General Tax Tips for Businesses

  • Have separate bank/credit card accounts for all business transactions
  • All expenses are deductible provided they have a business purpose, including mileage and meals and entertainment
  • Incorporate a business only after your business idea has been tested and you see success on the horizon
  • Most successful businesses outsource their tax and accounting function because their time is better used in their core competency.

General Tax Tips for Individuals

  • If you receive an IRS Notice, it is not always legitimate, so call us 
  • Donations, child care, education, mortgage, property tax, car tag tax, IRA contribution, business mileage are important deductions which provide current tax benefit
  • Although USA taxes you on your worldwide income, please remember that you get credit for taxes paid in a foreign country
  • Government provides subsidy to those in low income bracket via what is called the Earned Income Credit

More tax tips
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The purpose of the Tax Center is to provide additional tools and resources to compliment our tax services. We have the expertise to complete the USA federal and the tax returns of all the 50 states. In fact, when clients move out to a different state or country from Georgia, they continue to use us for their tax return needs. We also complete United States tax returns for aliens with US source income.
When we get a new client, we typically have them fill out the Tax Organizer Form or a more simpler one page Taxpayer Information Form

                            Tax Rates
Federal income
: marginal tax rates start at 10% and go all the way up to 39.6% (details).
Georgia: tax rate is generally 6% for income after certain deductions.

Tax Center

Annual Business Tax Return Due Dates

  • Sole Prop.           -- Apr 15
  • Partnership        -- Apr 15
  • Corporation       -- Mar 15
  • Corp. Est. taxes -- Apr 15 , Jun 15, Sep 15, Jan 15

(These are for calendar year businesses.)

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Due Dates for Payroll Returns and Deposits

  • Monthly Deposits -- 15th of the ensuing month
  • Qtrly Deposits -- Apr 30, Jul 31, Oct 31, Jan 31
  • Qtrly Payroll Returns -- Apr 30, Jul 31, Oct 31, Jan 31
  • Annual 940 Payroll Return -- Jan 31

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