Tax & Accounting Advisors
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Accounting / Bookkeeping
To comply with tax laws and to gauge the health of your business, most successful businesses need to review their financial statements on at least a monthly basis. We offer a plan, which for a small monthly fee. takes care of all of your accounting and tax compliance needs.

Often our clients need QuickBooks support to set up their A/R, A/P, Invoice Managements and Financials Statement Preparation Systems. We have over ten years of intensive experience and can easily help you get you a jump start as you you tackle the more difficult issues.

Timely pay your employees via checks or direct deposits. Rates are much lower than nationally known vendors.

IRS Representation
Upon receiving a power of attorney, via Form 2848, we can represent you with the IRS to save you taxes and penalty. Very often this requires:

  • Filing amended tax returns
  • Negotiating an Offer in Compromise